Scientific committee

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is responsible for designing and proposing the annual research and education agenda and work programme as well as for overseeing the implementation of the approved activities. It also advises and assists the Management Board and Director in formulating the longer-term research and education strategy of the Institute.

Specifically, the role of the Scientific Committee is to:
•    Advise the Management Board on the formulation and development of the longer-term research and education strategy;
•    Develop new research proposals and other ideas for future activities;
•    Review research papers (according to the agreed criteria) for presentation at conferences and workshops;
•    Advise on, and contribute to, the scientific and education content of the Institute’s website;
•    Develop and oversee the Institute’s education programmes; and
•    Provide consultancy services as required.

In view of the strategic role of the Committee, its members are prominent professionals with recognised excellence, competences spreading across disciplines, seniority and relevant experience. The Committee’s expertise encompasses all the areas within the Institute’s remit.

Committee Members:

Slavica Trajkovska

MA in International Management   


Angelina Taneva-Veshoska      

PhD in Management

Elena Dumova-Jovanoska 

PhD in Civil Engineering


Biljana Puleska 

PhD in International Law


Snezana Kostadinoska-Milosevska

PhD in Economics

Vlatko Chingoski

PhD in Engineering (electrotechnics)