Industrial PhD

Industrial PhD's

World class research and world class people are at the heart of any national system of innovation.  As such, the demand for PhD researchers has been growing significantly over the last years, and it is expected to continue to grow, particularly the environment, civil engineering and energy sectors.

The industrial PhD programme aims to create interest among companies, universities and researchers/graduate students. Basically, it is a combination of doctoral studies and business experience, to generate value-added innovation and high level of satisfaction.

At IECE, we ensure that we create the right link between companies and universities, so that researchers/graduate students can acquire a distinctly improved sense of the research, new knowledge, working methods, personal networks and ability to solve complex problems.


  • Research is conducted in the industry and the focus is on actual industrial and business issues or problems.
  • Joint supervision by experts from companies and universities.
  • Researchers/graduate students obtain a distinct degree in terms of the mode of innovative research.
  • The companies benefit from gaining access to new, innovative and valuable knowledge acquired by the researchers/graduate students during their studies.
  • The universities gain access to new knowledge and innovation provided by the private company.

How to apply
Whether you are company representative, university or a researcher/graduate student, you can contact IECE to discuss how we can connect you to the right people for the industrial PhD programme and to discuss possible themes for the dissertation. You can contact us on +389 2 3091 931 or email us at