Erasmus + K2 DECOS

Erasmus + KA2 DECOS

The IECE Institute awards 20 (twenty) scholarships for the European educational program “Developing Eco Skills for a Green Economy”

Green skills, also known as sustainability skills, are knowledge, values and behaviors needed for every job, in order to achieve sustainable social, economic and environmental results in the organization and the society. With the ever-increasing challenges of pollution and climate change, the importance and large benefit of these skills will constantly increase in the future.

The private scientific institute IECE announces a call for participation in a professional European educational program "Developing Eco Skills for a Green Economy".

Unique of its kind, the professional educational program "Developing Eco Skills for a Green Economy" enables upgrading of the eco skills with the personal and professional development of the participants.

The program is tailored in order to create competitive staff who through their professional eco-development will provide development on a personal level and in their organization, and will contribute to bigger self-sustainability, sustainability in the organization and the society, as well.

The program is part of the project "Development of Eco Skills for a Green Economy - DECOS", funded by the European program Erasmus +, Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, in partnership with institutions from Austria, Finland, N. Macedonia, Slovenia and Romania.

Program participants will gain relevant eco skills. The program is tailored for candidates who already have basic knowledge in the field of sustainability, waste and energy management, and would like to gain specialized and applicable skills in this field.

The IECE Institute awards 20 (twenty) full scholarships to interested candidates who will have the opportunity to participate in interactive teaching led by experienced professors by applying innovative practices and modern tools.

The program consists of the following subjects:

1. Sustainable life and green skills,

2. Waste management,

3. Energy management.

Each subject will be implemented with combined learning: e-learning, field activities and classroom. The program will be taught on the Macedonian language, in September 2020. Within the teaching, special measures for protection from COVID-19 will be implemented.

Criteria for participation in the program are:
- Completed secondary or higher education in various fields;
- Excellent computer skills (e-learning system);
- Desire to learn, skills for teamwork and communication.

Preference will be given to candidates with:
- Work experience in the procurement sector in private organizations, industry and public institutions.

If you would like to be part of the educational program, please send your CV and motivation letter in the electronic form to titled “Application for educational program DECOS” no later than August 20, 2020.