Research in Energy

At IECE, we conduct relevant research and policy analysis to help leaders make informed decisions about energy resources. Our work is guided by understanding the present, shaping the future and the international dimension of this field.

Energy is the basis and driving force of economy and society. The direction and the intensity of development of the energy are a prerequisite for sustainability in society, which poses a scientific and technological for the research, consulting and educational branch.

Developing research projects in the field of energy:

• Complex, integrated and optimized methodological approaches and models of planning, design and evaluation of energy projects
• Specially developed algorithms and software for special purposes, for supporting the application of methodological models
• Technological innovations based on energy synergy with other sectors (construction, ecology, water management, waste management)
• Determination of the utilization of the potentials of renewable energy sources
• Develop and apply coordination methods for stakeholders sides to promote the utilization of renewable energy sources;
• Energy efficiency in building new and renewal of old residential and industrial facilities.

We offer expert assistance in preparing applications for Horizon 2020, Erasmus + and IPA. We also conduct targeted research as needed and required.

For more information about our R&D expertise in the energy field, please contact us on +389 2 3091 906 email us at