Corporate profile

Corporate Profile

Research and Development (R&D) plays a critical role in the innovation process. It’s essentially an investment in knowledge and future capabilities, which can be transformed into new products, processes and services, and develop new competitive advantages.
Along with R&D, an investment in continuous lifelong learning education is critical in advancing the socio-economic status of any country, company and/or institute, because it produces a great number of highly skilled, expert, innovative, ethical individuals that are required to build and lead the industries of tomorrow.

With this in mind and backed by the Civil Engineering Institute of Macedonia (CEIM) strong 40 years of successful work, we were inspired to establish a unique, value-added and the first privately owned Scientific Research Institution in Macedonia.  This new Institute focuses on the environment, civil engineering, energy, and other associated natural and social science sectors.
Our driving strategy is based on having an orientation towards sustainable development and an economy based on knowledge, so that we can encourage future generations to continue discovering, creating, modelling, executing, monitoring and improving R&D activities and applied knowledge, skills and competence that are required to ensure the wellbeing of future generations.
The foundations of the Institute are set on three pillars: