Civil engineering

Research in Civil Engineering

IECE conducts basic research as well as project based research in cooperation with our partners in the industry and the public sector. Dealing with the challenges of modern civilization, i.e. quality planning and management of infrastructure and urban environments (pollution, floods, landslides, traffic jams, drinking water, and energy requirements). IECE also has access to excellent laboratory and technology facilities to support frontier research in the diverse specialisations of civil engineering.The laboratories are accredited in accordance with the ISO 17025 procedures.

Some of our civil engineering research areas include:

• Testing, studying and promoting energy efficient a.k.a. “smart” materials in construction
• Short-term and long-term resource management in construction
• Determining the utilization of the potentials of renewable energy sources, such as the sun, wind, biomass, geothermal energy, waste, etc.
• Energy efficient methods for building structures
• Using Probability Methods (Monte Carlo) in research and design, rather than using deterministic methods
• Laboratory testing of natural and building materials
• Physical and numerical modeling of the terrain and constructive elements.

We offer expert assistance in preparing applications for Horizon 2020, Erasmus + and IPA. We also conduct targeted research as needed and required.
For more information about our research in the Civil Engineering, please contact us on +389 2 3091 931 or email us at